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Since 1986

Ninjutsu Federation of Australia

Bujinkan Warrior Arts

Bujinkan Combat Arts

Bujinkan Fighting Arts

The dojo is the oldest continuing bujinkan dojo in Brisbane, starting as a small group in 1986 with Shidoshi Paul Porter. The school grew with Paul in the 90’s to be one of the largest Bujinkan dojo’s in Brisbane with a dojo in Sunnybank and the main Dojo in the pine rivers area. In early 2000 Shihan Mark Porter took over the school when Paul took indefinite time off teaching. Under Shihan Mark Porter the school grew further to cover Morayfield and Redcliffe.

In 2014 after the death of Shihan Mark Porter, Shihan Terry took over the dojo creating a new dojo with many of the original students. The dojo has been in its current location since 1999.

Remaining true to its beginnings the dojo focuses on effective techniques for self-protection while maintaining traditions.

In 2014 after a discussion with Shihan Terry, Soke Hatsumi personally named the dojo 武神館闘争技空無刀… ‘Bujinkan Tôsôgi Kûmutô

Tôsôgi’ basically means ‘fighting art/technique’. ‘Kû’ means ‘void/emptiness’, ‘Mu’ means ‘nothingness/zero’ and ‘tô’ means ‘sword.

Japan training

Shihan Terry travels regularly to Japan (up to 2 trips a year) to train with the Soke Masaaki Hatsumi and his Japanese Dai Shihan. IMG_3596We feel if you want the best training you should go to the source, or train with teachers who make it to Japan to train; theirs no other way around it! We work on techniques and new concepts and follow the theme at the honbu dojo in Noda, Japan. It is important to stay current in your training. Every year we plan a trip to Japan to train and it’s imperative that new and old students have a chance to experience that quality training.


Philippines training

Shihan Terry is the linage holder of 4 traditional FMA systems he still travels to the Philippines to train, sometimes up to 4 times per year. Philippines training is available as per request. The FMA is dynamic and explosive to experience this training in its natural environment is something else. Be ready for a wake up call!

Our focus

We focus on quality training and dedicated students, Most McDojos; care about the numbers of students hence; more money in the instructor’s pocket. we are traditional in a sense that we believe in quality over quantity. For many years the school has been closed to non members, now its open for anybody to train. But before candidates are allowed to gain admission you will need to be screened. It’s our responsibility  to make sure, that sound minded people train in this art. We train with weapons that in the wrong hands would be horrific. FMA was an art developed to protect the community and this remains true today.  Ninpo is also an art about enlightenment and protecting the people you love. We must think of this when we train.

Honour Drives students to carry legacy

Honour Drives students to carry legacy