Amo isshun no tamamushi -中一瞬 の 吉丁虫

May 24, 2017

Amo isshun no tamamushi –中一瞬 の 吉丁虫 – (to catch a bee in your hand and not be stung) During my most recent training trip to Noda, Amo isshun no tamamushi (1) was brought up during a demonstration. Many of us have heard this term before and that it is one of many high level…

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The Last Swordsman 7-0

November 3, 2016

Today is a sad but happy day. It is what would have been the 80th bday of Great Grandmaster Alejandro Abrian. My teacher and someone I owe a lot to in the martial arts. Tatay Andy as I called him begun training in eskrima during the Second World War in Samar, beginning the study of…

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