The Filipino martial arts
are one of the most popular and practical martial arts systems in the world. A warrior art based on the blade, Students will learn the practical use and counter-offense against impact and edged weapons.

Functional training that will save your life!
Shihan Terry is one of the highest ranking eskrimador’s in the country after extensive training and living in the Philippines, he is the inheritor of 4 classical systems by legendary Grandmasters in the Philippines. (More information to come on

Learn the following

  • Body mechanics and power development

  • Speed striking development, trapping

  • Counter-offensive principles and techniques

  • Long blade, dagger (knife fighting) , stick and dagger

  • Hand and body-conditioning

Dumog – Takedowns, throws and breaks

Pangamut – Empty hands of FMA/Filipino Boxing

Bangkaw – Long stick or Spear and Cadena

4 Traditional Systems taught:

  • Orabes Heneral Eskrima

  • W.E.D.O orihinal,

  • Black Eagle Arnis Eskrima – Pundok sa Nasudnong Panagang PSNP,

  • DX Combat Eskrima

Please check soon for updated website. 

Training is currently available privately, as this is how traditional Eskrima was passed on. 

For more information please contact or call 0437237251